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Default Nick Fuentes Live - GROYPER INVASION In North Carolina

Nick Fuentes Live - Over 12,000 People Now Watching His Show "America First"

Just my personal opinion, but like him or not, 21 year old Nick Fuentes is a skyrocket shooting across the white nationalist/alt-right/American-nationalist heavens at this very moment, with over 12,000 live viewers on his YouTube show, America First. In the twenty years I've been in the pro-white movement, I have not witnessed more intelligence, talent, charm, and much needed humor in one individual. No one that I can think of can match this young man - not Jared Taylor, not David Duke, not Richard Spencer. Yes, he's a Catholic (but one who skillfully says "fuck" and "shit" when needed) and yet I'm 100% convinced his meteoric rise is an overall good for us. I wasn't sold at first, but now I am. This young man is the best voice we have.

Nick Fuentes relentlessly strikes hard against:
  • The Israel Firsters/Pro-Jew Lobby
  • Homosexual marriage
  • Homosexuals in the military
  • Incessant promotion of homosexuals in our media
  • Transgenders
  • Opposes sex-change surgery for children
  • Opposes open borders
  • Opposes legal immigration
  • Slams the widespread filth in our society
  • Slams faux "conservatives" that have seized control of the GOP
  • Opposes outsourcing American jobs overseas

And if anyone has any doubt just what a tidal wave this young man has caused just get a load of the news media, of which Nick Fuentes is mentioned as the catalyst for this national coverage:

He's also an exceptional debater who's been challenged by a dozen or more other alt-right and leftist debaters, of which he defeated every single one. He's that good.

Most of his debates were moderated by Jean-Francois Gariepy, a well-known Internet personality:

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