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Originally Posted by commiekiller
and what are you going to say next, that whites do not belong in america. Didnt you guys come from vikings, wow, what a nation of pussies that cant even discipline their kids. Let me see you set foot on american soil, i'll beat you to death!!!! And if you have a kid, his little terrorist temper tantrum shit will result in his deportation!! .
My foot was last set on American soil probably before you were born.
I grew up in a Detroit suburb.
Where do you come from?
Where's that?

Originally Posted by commiekiller
Once, i spanked my sons ass in the parking lot for throwing a fit over i dont even remember, and this bitch walked up to me and said, "that child abuse", so i was like, "you wanna be next lady", she turned and quickly walked away.

By the way, I want my kid to be violent, you have to if you wanna survive in this sea of nigger shit, so maybe i should spank him more if that is true.
I never spanked my kids and they behave just fine. When a kid throws a tantrum, that's it's way of communicating that something is wrong. As a loving parent, you could have used your head and have dealt with it in an appropriate manner.
Indeed, your kid's going to be violent. Your ass will certainly not escape his wrath
That lady went light on you. If I had seen that, I wouldn't have been so friendly