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But, if it ever got busted and it's I.P.,here, were ever to show up at the D.A.'s office, it'd better hope to have gotten thrown in the cage full of Niggers and not into that filled with felonious Whites
wow,he just admitted he is into gay interracial sex

While I'm busy lampooning our enemies with attempted satire,
a great sacrifice he has made, what a brave and patriotic selfless act he has done for us

I hope when you get busted for kiddie porn or whatever crimes against nature you comitt, it is whites who are your cellmates, not just any whites, our own P.O.Ws, people who defied the system and paid the ultimate price. One thing is certain, you will not talk your bullshit to them, only behind your computer screen are you so tough. My wife would kick your ass,no, my 4 year old, hahaha, douchebag! Real men hate clowns!!!!!!
And your lampshades stink like a kike's ass!!! Noone wants your lampshades, the germans of the 1930s and 40s were nothing like the freaks of today who believe they can fight a war over the internet.
Does anyone outside the internet even know you have racist beliefes?
Have you ever been in a fight before, have you ever been in a streetfight, marched down the streets flying your colors with pride and were attacked by a mob of reds, outnumbered 5 to 1 but stood your ground? Have you ever been shot at, have you ever shot back?
Does pride, strength, honor, love and life have anything to do with you?
Call me a mindless thug, call me a criminal, a brutal extremeist, call me what you will, believe everything the media says.
I may seem like a bad dream for you, while you sit back and drink hot coco in your bathrobe while you try to put down the majority of white americans who dont live up to your socialist agenda and your hollywood nazi ideals, but when your city is burning in flames and it seems your whole world has fallen apart, then we wont seem so distant from you, as we, skinheads, lead the way to victory. All us "criminals", ex-soldiers and "thugs"!
Go back to the niggers side, I really dont think you want to live in an aryan nation. You are just too good for us indeed.
everyone's the enemy.....until proven a friend