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Sean Martin
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Sean Martin

Even here in redneckville a huge stick can get you in trouble.

About 6 years ago there was some drunks in an S-10 that squealed their wheels in front of the cops.

These guys was in a black S-10 at midnight 50 feet from a series of local roads leading to the highway, not to mention how common S-10ís are here.

The cops just yelled at the guys and motioned for them to come back, to which they did.
And one of them had an Axe handle stick like mentioned before.

He said it was for walking, the cops said around here we beat people with sticks like that, needless to say the 3 cop cars and the S-10 disappeared into the night never to be seen again.

When the cop comments that your stick is for beating people then confiscates said stick and then drives off in the opposite direction of the Jail with you in cuffs with your whoopin stick by his side, it is never a good sign.

So yes local laws apply.
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