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Originally Posted by steven clark View Post
I might watch Kutusov sometime. I did find a Youtube channel with English subtitles. I wonder why they're all wearing their cocked hats pushed back. Seems odd. Maybe because it was a war, they had a problem with hat sizes.
I don't know what to tell you. I am not a costume specialist from the 1812 war era.

I agree with reading history rather than watching movies and TV shows, because they always change things around, and you get an unrealistic version of what happened.

Reading, you are able to think and re-examine whatever you've studied, where film is all immediacy and emotion.
I have watched several analyzes of historical movies by historians and they say what the movies is often very far from real history, in terms of events and in terms of costumes and in terms of weapons.

I've been reading David Irving's Churchill's War, and he's a fascinating historian, and although the books are 700 pages long, they're never boring.

He's also a good lecturer. I met him several years ago and bought a copy of Hitler's War.
There are several of his books translated into Russian.

Here is a Georgian short movie. (I post it here not for its great merits, but because it does not need subtitles.)

A flute (1976)

03:55 - This is a board of honor. The most successful workers of a plant or factory were on it. Such boards were in almost every plant in the USSR.

13:02 - On his jacket the inscription was imprinted: "Beware there is glass here!"

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