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Originally Posted by Fred Streed View Post
I used to tend toward the attitude that WN should avoid antagonizing nominal xtians. Years ago when I first arrived in WV and went to work for Dr. Pierce we had an older, and vastly more experienced gentleman on staff who was kind of my mentor for awhile. He always said there could be NO COMPROMISE with our ideology and that an attempt at accommodation with xtianity fundamentally undermined our message of biological racism and would fatally weaken it.
I have to agree with you here on the "antagonizing" because really - how many Christians really believe anyway? I know the idea of an afterlife is very attractive. But in a country like the U.S. where a vast majority claims to be Christian, are they really acting like it? Practicing what they preach? Yes, at the moment they may be practicing the bad parts that we hate. The Jews are the Chosen People. Support Isra-hell. Equality for negroids and mestizos, etc. However, when it comes to things like this filth that Hollywood produces, who is gobbling that up? The "vastly Christian" public.

So it's my view that Christians really don't have any problem with discarding minor points of the Christian doctrine. Promiscuous sex? Homosexuality? I want to keep my R-rated movies! Christianity then takes a backseat.

I kind of based my ideas of xtians on educated Americans of an older generation who considered themselves xtians but never questioned science, they believed in evolution and had an open mind about things scientific, most of them if pressed would have admitted they thought of the bible as the mythology of an earlier time.
Absolutely, and that's why I think these people don't have any issue at all with discarding some of these doctrines willy-nilly. You just have to make them feel good. We have to reach them by making hate FEEL good. We have to make them FEEL the truth. The truth that the Jew has so eroded our society like Christ (ha!) knows how many other societies in the past. The truth that if we continue down this path, we're going to face some really grim realities and if not them, their children and grandchildren.

Yes the filth that Hollywood largely churns out daily appeals to us humans' baser urges - sexual. But I'd argue that hating the enemy and fighting for your own appeals to base urges as well.

It's like I said about the backseat, we just have to put Christianity there when we deal with these people. Besides a very scant minority of hardcore Christians (think Opus Dei and maybe some Mormon sects and maybe some Evangelical sects), it's not going to be difficult at all to put Christianity in a corner while we get down to business. And I think we all know Christians are the kings of rationalization so perhaps despite thinking their "hate" is wrong, they'll still think they're going to heaven. To them, that's everything and to me as long as it doesn't get in the way of our goals, so be it.
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