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[one side can't ever be wrong, can't be made fun of, calls everyone opposed to it a hater, extremist or some other curse word. the spirit of free speech is not in the left]

Feminist goes crazy when compared to Swedish nationalist

A picture of a media acclaimed feminist next to a young nationalist girl got real big attention in Swedish media last week. It is “hate” and “mockery” to show the difference between the two, according to the collective Swedish press.

When the young nationalist Hanna Lindholm (member of the Sweden Democratic Youth) published a picture on internet, where she compared herself with the left-wing, feminist blogger ”Lady Dahmer”, (pen name taken after the american serial murder Jeffrey Dahmer) all hell broke loose.

”Lady Dhamer”, who defines herself as ”rude”, ”shameless”, ”arrogant” and “a feminist cunt” saw the picture and mobilized the Twitter-community who started attacking Hanna, arguing the she mocked ”Lady Dahmer” for her looks. Soon the press joined in as well on the feminist side.

”Lady Dahmer” herself is known for tweeting hateful messages like ”I most definitely hate men”, ”I hate 8-year old boys” and that she want to ”ass rape all softcore feminists with a Morning star”.

Hanna Lindholm stood her ground however, and stated that all she did was showing two women with different political views beside each other. And since ”Lady Dhamer” says looks does not matter, she should have no reason to be upset.

All we have to say is: Good work Hanna! We hope to see more from you!

The tweet that started everything: