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Default Jew IQ

[reader comment at jewcy.com]

Jew vs White IQ composite average

This is an analytical comparison of the racial IQs of Jews versus Whites. It uses the most comprehensive studies available at the current time. Dr. Richard Lynn, Dr. Phillip Rushton, Dr. Herrnstein, and Dr. Murray.

Jews (racial, genetic subclade of Semites)
Jews are genetically described by the basic Ashkenazi and Sephardic subclades.

Israeli Sephardic
Sephardic Jews tend to be very dumb, with IQ's around 91.

Lynn breaks the Jew Israeli IQ into two components: Ashkenazim (European Jewish) with a IQ 103; Sephardim with IQ 91;

Israeli Sephardim IQ 91

Israeli Ashkenazi
Ashkenazi Jews are slightly higher IQ's, with IQ 103 in Israel.

Lynn breaks the Jew Israeli IQ into two components: Ashkenazim (European Jewish) with a IQ 103; Sephardim with IQ 91.

Israeli Ashkenazi 103 (Lynn)

U.S. Ashkenazi
Ashkenazi Jews are slightly higher IQ's, around IQ 107 in the U.S.

Ashkenazi Jews in the U.S. have an IQ of 105.

(Cochran G, Hardy J, Harpending H)

Averaging Ashkenazi populations. US and Israel each has 4 million Ashkenazi. Thus we average Israeli Ash. IQ 103 with US Ash. IQ 107 to get an average World Ash. IQ of 105 worldwide.

Israel 4.1 million Ashkenazi
USA 4.2 million Ashkenazi

Worldwide percentage of Sephardim and Ashkenazi (currently).

Sephardim 40%
Ashkenazi 60%

Worldwide, Ashkenazi (IQ 105) are 60% of Jew current pop. and 40% are Sephardim ( IQ 91). IQ 98 would be 50/50 split. 105 minus 91 times is a 14 pt difference. 60% of the difference is 8.4 pts. So the Sephardic worldwide of IQ 91 plus 8.4 pts gives IQ 99.4 worldwide avg. of ALL Jews.

Jews Worldwide average population is IQ 99. 4

Whites (racial, genetic Cuacasians, M210, M170 roots among others)
Jews are genetically described by the Caucasian race.

U.S. White IQ
An average of White IQ in the US. (full statistics and breakdown at the link)

White (non-Hispanic only) (Herrnstein & Murray, 1994)

50% at 100
20% at 117
20% at 83
5% at 135
5% at 65
Avg. 100 IQ

(Herrnstein & Murray, 1994)

Europe White IQ
The European, and Australian, White IQ levels are, on average, the same as US IQ level.

Italy IQ 102
Germany IQ 102
Netherlands IQ 102
Austria IQ 102
Sweden IQ 101
United Kingdom IQ 100
Belgium IQ 100
Spain IQ 99
Iceland IQ 98
Poland IQ 99
Australia IQ 98
France IQ 98
Norway IQ 98
Avg. 100 IQ

(Lynn, 2003)

White (US) IQ is 100
White (Europe) is 100

White Worldwide average population is IQ 100.


According to statistics, White race people have a .6 IQ point above Jew race people. So while clearly there are a few in each racial group that are very high IQ's, such as Newton being more brilliant than Einstein, there remains the scientific fact that Jews are, on the whole, slightly less smart than the average White person.

What does this mean? I means that the Jewish Supremacist myth of "wise men" from Semitic lands, is just that, a myth, with no actual scientific foundation. The average White and high IQ Whites come from a higher IQ genetic pool than the average Jew does. Perhaps this is the explanation for Jews cheating in school. Since Jews have a lower IQ than Whites, it explains the Bolshevik revolution, the need for the use of criminal terrorist violence to achieve ends that most normal Whites do with brains and thinking.

Jewish Supremacists, those who advocate Jewish intelligence (even on WN sites we find them), will disregard actual scientifc evidence and continue on in their Talmudic Jewish Supremacist ways, believing in the myth of jewish intelligence.


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(ii) Dr. Philipe Rushton review
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(iii) Herrnstein & Murray, 1994: http://www.answers.com/topic/intelligence-quotient

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