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Default Herbert Verbeke (Belgium)

A Flemish Holocaust denier of 69 years, called two months ago in Spain, Was condemned by the magistrates' court of Paris for one year of prison with reprieve for contesting of crimes against humanity today.

On June 26th, 2008, Herbert Verbeke had been condemned by default by the court in six months of imprisonment and 10.000 euro of fine.

Arrested in Spain and extradited in France, he made opposition to the judgment.

The 17th district court re-judged it on Thursday to have, in March, 2006, put on-line a web site questioning the existence of Shoah.

On this site, we could read in particular that there were no proofs of the Holocaust and that gas chambers were " a deceit ".

In the audience, on Thursday, the former computer specialist denied being the author of the comments but recognized to be " all right with them ", and to have put them on-line, via a site accommodated in the United States.

Defending itself only, he regretted the mixture which was made, according to him, between the revisionism and the facts " as the racism, the xenophobia and the anti-Semitism ".

In his eyes, " the French law ", which forbids the contesting of crimes against humanity, is "illegal".

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