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And they are pushing a new religion: Holocaustianism.
The following text by Lohengrin explains it all; it was posted on the Codoh forum.

Holocaustianism = Religion of Satan?

Yes, Holocaustianism is Religion: a PSEUDO-religion.
It is a New Religion to replace Christianity World Wide.
It is the Religion for the New World Order
It is indeed the Religion of ‘Satan’, at least in the Christian sense.
It is a religion of HATE.

Let me (shortly) prove it.

It is Religion because:
- It consists preponderantly of Oral Witness (mainly from co-religionists); testimony and hearsay gets priority above facts.
- The main dogma’s are lacking physical evidence and do not take no for an answer.
- ‘Denial’ or criticism (Heresy) is blasphemy.
- Like every Religion, the Jewish Holocaust Version (JHV) (mind the capital ‘H’ in ‘Holocaust’, which Microsoft Word worldwide places automatically in your text), goes beyond Truth and Untruth and therefore rejects exact science and research.
- It has its own Holy places (Auschwitz as the New Golgotha, Treblinka, Belzec, Sobibor, Yad Vashem, etc.)
Sin (Doubting 6 million systematically killed, most by 'gassing')
Guilt (what goyim (Amalek) did to G-d’s Chosen People)
Saints (Anne Frank)
Martyrs (‘survivors’)
TV-Preachers (Spielberg and the Jewish media)
Priests (every Jewish public figure)
Cathedrals (Holocaust Museums, Museums of ‘Tolerance’)
Relics (‘Reines Jüdisches Fett’ Soap, lampshades, hair, shoes, glasses, whatever you want)
Believers (millions of true and scarcely followers)
Excommunications (for anyone who dares to think otherwise)
Inquisition (France: Gayssot, Austria: §§3a – 3g, Germany: Lex Auschwitz’, §§ 130,131,185,189 , etc. Tens of thousands people are put in jail, got ‘Berufsverbote’ and/or otherwise their normal life destroyed)
Holy Scriptures (IMT verdict, Anne Frank diary)
Pharisees (Wiesenthal, Wiesel)
Disciples (millions of ‘survivors’, already a fourth generation now)
Acolytes (teachers, ‘scholars’, media-pundits)
Miracles (to much to mention)
Rituals (remembrances on a daily basis)
Taboos (Holocaust Denial)
Heretics (revisionists)
and even its own Devil an Demons (Adolf Hitler, ‘the Nazis’ and the German People).

There is brutal submission for unconditional belief: everyone who dispute (part of) it, is called a ‘denier’, say Heretic and to be crucified (socially), condemned to the stake or put in prison.

A Religion thus, but a pseudo-religion.
It's tabernacle is empty: NO Fuhrer Befehl to kill systematically all Jews, NO 'Gas Chambers' and NO '6 Million Jews murdered.
Belief is imposed by methods of brain-washing, indoctrination, blackmail, persecution and terror.
There is NO redemption for non-Jewish believers whatsoever.

The JHV was proven to be a LIE, the very day the first revisionist was jailed!

(Maybe I will soon open a thread in which I present 30 (!) blatant analogies of Holocaust-persecution with Mediaeval persecution of Heretics.)

It also has its Ten Commandments:
1. Thou shall Never compare The Holocaust with any other genocide!
2. Thou shall Never forget what Amalek did to you!
3. Thou shall Never compare Nazi-crimes with those of Israel!
4. Thou shall Never doubt the Number of Six Million!
5. Thou shall Never doubt The Holocaust!
6. Thou shall Never doubt the Right of Existence of the Jewish State!
7. Thou shall Never criticize the Jewish Organizations or the Israeli Government!
8. Thou shall Never criticize the Jewish leadership for neglecting their brethren during the Nazi era!
9. Thou shall Never criticize survivors who for years put thousands of their brethren, sisters and children in the Gas Chambers, without telling them what was going to happen, nor Jewish Capo’s, the Jewish Police, Jewish War Criminals, Jewish collaborators, Jewish liars, and so on!
10. Thou shall Never doubt Hitler’s central role in the industrial extermination of the Jewish People.

- Physical impossibilities and ‘Miracles’ must be accepted without question.
- Forensic facts are fanatically combated
The notion: ‘the Holocaust’, pretends all claims of a religion: Uniqueness, Singularity and Incomparability. Like the carnation of God in Christ, the revelation to Moses of the Ten Commandments and Mohammed receiving the Allah Dictate, ‘the Holocaust’ is presented as unique.
In October 2005 this was even legalized by the United Nations by accepting an ‘Anniversary for the Holocaust’.
In contradiction to murdering God’s Son, this UN-resolution condemns all critic on the JHV only. With that, the formal World Community separated this Genocide as unique and dogmatized it. One must believe in it, like Christians on the Original Sin. As a Religious Truth, it declares the JHV a religion. Who dares to doubt it, is immoral and an Enemy of The Holy People and the ‘Truth’; he commits blasphemy and is no longer part of humanity and the Religious Community.

It was exactly about this, the hullabaloo around Bishop Williamson was created. No, it was not about Facts, No, it was not about Truth, No, it was not about Christianity, No, it was not about History. It was about the Jewish Holocaust Version, about the Jewish monopoly on History and ‘Truth’ and of course, it was against Christianity.

Holocaust Religion replaces Christianity. In the order of Holiness, privileges and protection, nowadays nothing else can push ‘the Holocaust’ of the First Place.

Poignantly enough, it was Hitler, not G-d, who granted ‘the Holocaust’ to the Record of Sufferings for the Chosen People.
Everyone acquainted with Judaism, knows that Canonization of the JHV as a New Religion is a matter of course. Judaism is not in the first place about a Redemptor or Prophet, and not primarily about a G-d. It is in the First place about Suffering of the Chosen People Itself.
It explains why they want the dramatic events in WW II to keep perpetually alive. Also why ‘the Holocaust’ 65 years after, is instilled in millions of young peoples all over the world by the Jewish-dominated media. We, the not-‘Chosen’ must ‘remember’, for 6.000.000 years to come, that the gentiles were criminal to the ‘Chosen Righteous’, and therefore have no right to criticize or condemn even their most heinous acts.

It is the New Religion replacing Christianity World Wide
As a matter of fact, Judaism wants per definition Christianity to vanish from the face of the Earth. The High Priests of the JHV emphasize: “Auschwitz is the Holiest of Holies” (friar Van Pelt); “If Auschwitz existed, God can’t” (Primo Levi); “The Holocaust is an invisible Mystery, where God and Men terrified look each other in the eyes” (Elie Wiesel); “Auschwitz is the refutation of Christ. If Auschwitz is true [and by Law it is true!] than Christ is false and the redemption comes not from him” (Lanzmann). All this, and more, purely instrumentalizes the “destroy Christianity” doctrine inherent to Judaism.

It is the Religion for the New World Order
Director Government Relations of the Canadian Zionist Loge of B’nai B’rith, I.J. Kagedan said:
“The Jewish Holocaust dogma is the cornerstone of the New World Order. To reach our goal, creation of the New World Order, depends on the lessons we learn from the Holocaust”.
In the Novus Ordo Seclorum, the ‘New World Order’ of ‘Globalism’ there is no place for Freedom of Religion. All religions must be replaced for a New One, who told the people what is Good, what is Bad, what is 'Hate', how we have to think and who is to love and who to hate.

Strikingly enough, ‘Holocaust’-indoctrination is by far strongest in the USA, a nation, where every stone was remaining upon the other in WW II and persecution of Jews never existed. Of all countries, it’s there that young people are massively indoctrinated with ‘the Holocaust’ and megalomaniac ‘Holocaust-Museums’. No, not for Humanity, nor for World Peace, since strikingly enough, the same people drowning us with atrocities against them, are the perpetrators/fiercest supporters of the most heinous crimes in the Palestinian territories by their “own” Jewish Rogue State, for more than sixty years now. No, not for Peace or Humanity the people of the USA ought to remember the suffering of Jews in WW II: it’s for continuing the gigantic financial and War support and continuation of ex proportional Jewish influence on the US Administration, Americans must be permanently brainwashed.
‘The Holocaust’ Religion is the most powerful tool to carry out the elite Jewish-Masonic Agenda against Christianity and for the New World Order soon to come. By that, the US of A and its ‘Peoples Representatives’ are greedy and naive enough not to see that they are bluntly used by proxy to establish the New World Order for the elite of the Self Chosen People.

It is indeed the Religion of ‘Satan’, at least in Christian sense.
The ‘Holocaust’ Religion is about Jewish suffering, as is the Judaic religion. Therefore, fighting Christianity and Christ (Jews are ‘Christ-Deniers’ indeed) and fighting ´Holocaust Denial´, are two-of-a-kind.

Holocaustianity is a Gospel of Hate: Hate against all evils related to the stereotype of the JHV, but also against examination, facts, freedom of speech, 'Deniers', Truth and science.
Not a religious Christian myself, I hold the opinion that Christ and His philosophy is by far the Greatest Spirit ever. It was therefore He, who recognized the Satanic character of Judaism Two thousand years ago, and because of that the Pharisees hated Him and killed Him. He said, amongst other things, about their G-d and their Religion:

"You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father's desire. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies." (John 8:44).
[International Bible Society. New International Version, ]

The First thing the Jew-instigated and Jew-dominated Bolshevist regime did after 1917, was to exterminate Christianity and Christians. Priests, Churches, Christians were ruthlessly murdered in millions by the new Soviet-regime. ‘Anti-Semitism’ by contrast, was declared a crime given capital punishment. Stalin demolished the Great Cathedral in Moscow, because, as he said, to symbolize that ‘the Soviet-Union was the first nation in the World were God no longer exist’.

That’s about ‘Holocaust’ Religion and the New World Order: a sheer warning for all of us.

Written by: Lohengrin