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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder

– the Barbara Lerner Spectre youtube should be used wherever an opening occurs; I posted it last night to the Washington Post thread about White genocide, with the comment, “The process is global and organized.” In just a little over a minute, we see Jewish deception (“non-denominational Institute for Jewish Learning with the Greek name of Paideia”; we see and hear in Spectre’s facial expressions, tone, and words, the extraordinary Jewish sense of entitlement to walk into a conspicuously White country and set up shop for the express purpose of transforming that country’s population, hence its culture and inevitably it’s genetic composition; we hear out of the horse’s mouth that Jews are self-designated leaders of planned race transformation without which “Europe won’t survive,” which acknowledges Jews as as a distinct group, separate from Whites, with their own objectives which are to the detriment of Whites.

– Jesse Jackson in Sweden is not nearly as potent as the Spectre/Paideia project, but it’s notable for the sheer illogic of the things he says: contrasting American behavior with the “civilized” behavior of the Swedish people, he states “this is what democracy looks like.” Is it possible that he and his audience actually don’t realize that this is not what democracy looks like, it’s what a homogeneous European White society looks like. Jesse Jackson all by himself or with fellow Blacks would not be standing there, telling those Swedes that they must “open their doors” and “embrace multiculturalism” without the awareness of Jewish power behind them.