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Originally Posted by Kelley View Post
South of Kissimmee... we were on an old cracker ranch camping..

There was a large pond nearby and me and some friends heard a racket and went over to find a 4 foot gator dead. It looked like it had been crushed...

As we were walking back to our tent, we looked across at a group of trees and there was... something...looking at us... and the smell was horrendous. It smelled like swamp gas... but this was the Kissimmee Prairie.

Now, black bears don't live in that area... but we figured there could be a straggler from either Seminole County north of us... or Polk/Highlands to the West.... so we didn't stick around to look any more.

This was before I armed myself.

Anyway... the only thing other than a bear it could be.... was the skunk ape.
Hmm...very interesting.

Get you a camera and get some shots - I bet you could make a bundle off a decent pick of a Florida Skunk Ape.