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jewsign Pro-Invasion Jewish Lobby Renews Attack On Trump

The left wing Jewish lobby—which demands that America absorb even more Third World invaders pretending to be refugees while simultaneously supporting Israel which refuses to let “refugees” in—has renewed its legal and street activist campaign against the Trump administration.

jews from HIAS demonstrate in front of the White House, March 1, 2017. They demand increased numbers of Muslim "refugees" in America, but all support Israel, whcih specifically forbids any such "refugees" from entering that country.

According to a new article in the Jewish Telegraphic Agency
about the Hebrew Immigration Aid Society (HIAS), titled “This 136-year-old Jewish agency for refugees has a new mission in the Trump era: Fighting back,” that Jewish group stands as “a plaintiff” in a new legal suit against Trump’s order banning refugees from certain Muslim states.

As pointed out earlier by the New Observer, Israel—which is fanatically supported by all these Jewish organizations—has a strict policy of not allowing any “refugees” at all into that country, and has a policy of expelling any who do manage to slip in.

This contradiction does not appear to worry groups like HIAS and their network of Jewish supporters—and it is contradiction which is so obvious that it cannot be by accident.