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jewsign Media Jews Admit Wish To Replace White Trumpers

Backstabbing Jews at Washington Post want to replace Trump voters with Latrinos. Actually, Jews really want to turn the entire White race into a minority in our own lands — including Canada, Britain, Australia and Europe.

I’ve known all along this has been the plan by International Jewry. They are truly backstabbing rats of the first magnitude. They want to create a Jewish-controlled Global Zionist/Commie empire — with us Whites completely castrated as a race.

This is known as the “New World Order” or NWO for short. Whites will be a spat-upon minority in our lands as blacks rule over us Whites Gentiles and Jews rule the entire roost. White Gentiles of European extraction will get victimized daily just like what is going in South Africa today. Go below for Jennifer Rubin’s excited tweet agreeing with Max Boot — a Russian Jew who we let immigrate to America!