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Originally Posted by ColdFire View Post
The Rothschild family gained a lot of influence during the 19th century due to their financing of Napoleon , playing two sides in a war against each other , installing their people everywhere . .

One shouldn't think that the Vatican is an exception . .

The Vatican has its own bank . .

You can guess , run by whom . .

There are even special Vatican €uros . .

Oh , and since you mentioned Mazzini , he is said to have been the formal leader of the NWO back then . .

He had a famous letter exchange with Albert Pike . .

This is something the NWO was always after . . Gaining influence on the 'Holy See' . .

This is probably also the reason why the Vatican was so hesitant to publish 'The Third Secret Of Fátima' . .

To quote German conspiracy investigator Jan Van Helsing here . .
On bibliotecapleyades, there is some correct info mixed with Xtian apologist stuff, you have to sort that out. What you are writing about the Bildebergers and Committee of 300 is true, as is the part about Cardinal Spellman and what they did in Guatemala, and John Paul I.

I just realized you spoke of the same Yallop book I did, lol. This has some very valuable info in it. One has to sort out what is historical and what is someone's opinion, and much is provably correct.
"Inquiry and doubt are essential checks against deception."--Richard Carrier