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Sean Martin

Duh, we were talking about over penetration. However at 10 feet snake shot to the face will stop your attacker. No VNNFíer would pursue a random attack if their prey sprayed them with snakeshot.

Random attackers donít have a personal vendetta that they are trying to pursue so they want to attack and leave without harm. If you fire a weapon 9 times out of 10 that is enough to stop an attacker. If you fire in a populated area you will run the risk of shooting an unintended victim.

Here is something you should consider also. If you carry an auto over a revolver you canít shoot shotshells. Also I have heard that Glasers donít cycle well either. I know there is some VNNFíer who has the perfect gun that cycles every round, but the people I know say automatics donít cycle Glasers.

Originally Posted by Hate Dept.
Glaser is actually a bullet, a very lethal one, not to be confused with a shotshell, a totally different animal.

A Glaser is a hollow jacket filled with snakeshot.
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