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If you are a woman, you need to understand that many perpetrators will not be impressed by the gun in your hand. They will think that you do not have the courage to use it. They may even laugh and taunt you as they "call your bluff" before they lunge at you. My advice is to think now what the intentions are of any one breaking into your home. Think now of what they would do to yourself and/or your children if they get their hands on you. Robbery? If someone is breaking and entering to rob you while you are home, they have no intention of letting any witnesses live through it. Never doubt this. Make up your mind now that if this ever happens, you will shoot to kill. No hesitation, no internal debates. Just aim and pull the trigger. And do not take for granted that just because they are down they are out. Keep your gun trained on them from a safe distance. Yell at the children to get out of the house and run for help. Think of your children and in your coldest voice tell the son of a bitch if he moves he is dead. Set your mind to this now, and then if the time ever comes you won't even think about it. You will do what needs to be done. Never ever feel remorse for having to shoot someone who is intent on doing major harm to you and/or your children. The son of a bitch has no right. Never forget that.