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If I bought a Taurus I would shoot as many rounds as I could afford though it and that way if something was going to break it would be at the range and I could get the problem fixed before it mattered. Get it fixed for free on the range then had a guaranteed reliable gun when it counts.

I was in a gun store this week and they had a Taurus Stainless 41 magnum for $369 snub nose, and a Taurus 38 (5 shot) snub nose revolver blued steel for $199. They had a 44 special snub nose stainless and 5 shot for $399. All of these were good deals, that should give you an idea.

For some reason 357 caliber is more expensive. In Ashland they said a medium frame Glock in the 40 caliber will run $500 out the door new. Glocks are rare trade ins around here. You are lucky to see a used Glock once a year and then they are $475 or more. So far in 2006 I have seen one used Glock in the desert camo, it was the compact size and it was $475. No one around here trades them in. They trade S&W’s all the time though. I saw two S&W medium frame stainless 9mm’s 15 round for $325 each today. I probably could have gotten them both for $600 plus tax but didn’t have the money or need for them.

I like Taurus and they have an excellent lifetime warranty. Even if you buy the gun used they will replace a part if it is a factory defect.

Depending on location, here S&W is king and so is Ruger. However no one likes a Taurus so the used ones are usually cheap. Ruger is a good gun and I have no complaints about how well they function, but in my opinion they cost to much. You can find an S&W or a Taurus that is identical to whichever Ruger for about 20-30% less.

The Ruger has a nice 22 target pistols, however the Browning version of it is superior and about half the price. That is the way with most Ruger guns. The only Ruger guns you get the best value for the money (again in my opinion) is the Redhawk or the blackhawk. I haven’t seen anyone match them for quality and price combined.

This is just me, but if I were to purchase a ruger those would be the only two guns I would purchase.

Taurus on the other hand produces fine weapons for fair prices and I have never know of anyone that has owned one that has had anything but praise for both the quality and price.

That is the rundown on used and new gun prices in Ashland. Don’t even ask about Princeton, I wouldn’t finance my house to buy a gun there. The last gun store I visited didn’t have anything under $400 and nothing I would pay over $150 for.

Originally Posted by The Grocer
I was with my brother today when he traded in his glock 40 for a hamerless ruger 357 sunbbed nose, he was torn between the Taurus and Ruger 357. The Ruger is an awesome gun and very conceable, the reason my brother made the trade is because the glock 40 is too bulky and hard to conceal in the summer, but he did have good words to say about the glock 40.

The Ruger was selling in the high 400 range the Taurus was in the lower 400, if things go right in the next few weeks I think I might get the Taurus, does that seem like a reasonable price for it?
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