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Default Ezra Levant (Canada)

God's chosen [CENSORED] Ezra Levant gets off. Who would have thought this would happen? Oh wait... Alex Linder predicted just that. Ahhh... shit, I knew he would get off the second I found out that the publisher of Canada's most conservative magazine (now defunct) Western Standard is in fact a God's chosen [CENSORED], which was even before the complaint was laid.


For John Ross Taylor 'our' 'wonderful' government conveniently and quickly found a way to criminalize free speech left on his own phone answering machine. Our government at the time passed 'hate laws' just to get that one guy. Think about it people.

Hey... my writings were 'related to relevant and timely news' too. I almost always backed up my writings with real world evidence, mostly recent news stories from mainstream media sources.

Hey Brutus, my brother, I guess then that your cartoons are OK too. Keep 'em coming bro .
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