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Originally Posted by Summer View Post
I came across this commericial on tv the other day for Clearasil. (Link to the video posted below.)

Clearly you can see it starts out innocent. Where a white mother (dressed like she might be upper class,) is showing her daughter's 'boyfriend' baby photos then moves on to "this is my daughter naked in the bathe," then the 'whorish white daughter' says, "You should see me now." Then the mother goes "no" daughter responds "oh yeah."


If my daughter ever had the guts to say that in front of me I would kill her, literally. What also bothers me is what mother shows naked photos of her baby daughter to her teenage boyfriend? That just seems odd. Oh wait, that is right, we are suppose to believe that white men are the only child abusers right? And doing things like this is not abuse at all, is it?

This is another way the jews are making our daughters whores. Go fork out daddy's money to get rid of your zits while you're flaunting your once innocent body around to every tom, dick and imbecile around.

I do not know if this girl in the commericial is white, since kikes do so much cosmetic surgery to their bodies in order to look white, but either way it makes no difference since this commericial was not only intended to make our teenage innocent white daughters into whores but was also intended to make young white boys/older white men, niggers, spics, kikes and everyone else to wonder and want to see every young innocent white girl nude, in which case helps to egg on our future race of sluts.
Your links doesn't work anymore. However, no panic. I found the commercial on Youtube and sure its really disgusting jew satanic shit. Lets all boycot Clearasil.

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