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Originally Posted by Markies van Carabas View Post
Your links doesn't work anymore. However, no panic. I found the commercial on Youtube and sure its really disgusting jew satanic shit. Lets all boycot Clearasil.

YouTube - Clearasil - Baby Photos

Wow, seriously? That had to be one of the most harmless, innocent commercials I've ever seen. I don't see anything wrong with it at all.

There are much, much worse commercials to be worrying about.

Just today, I saw a commercial for some hair care product (don't remember which one) where there is a white girl walking with a white male (like they are in a relationship) then the white male gets hit by a car that a black male is driving, and the black male gets out and then starts holding hands with the white girl...

... and you are worried about a commercial of a mother showing nude baby pics to her daughter's white boyfriend (something that most mothers do because they are proud of their kids)?

Just LOL. Sometimes I wonder if this is a joke forum or something because half the stuff on here is just

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