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Originally Posted by OTPTT View Post
Between the two systems above I'll take the one at the top any day. The second system is nothing but a device that allows one to shoot a pistol around a corner but the first allows a man to reach out from great distances and touch the ones they're thinking of most. The first system also gives a man the opportunity to avoid detection by being a relative distance from the object of one's thoughts to live and touch others with the love they so richly deserve on another day.
It's clear from your post that you plane to use the system at the top yourself, to "touch" people who deserve it.

Can't you just say you plane on shooting blacks and jews? Stop being such a coward.. Nobody is impressed by your careful statements..
If I can say I might shoot white people in the future.. why can't you say you're planning on shooting blacks and jews? Are you a coward? Is that it? How are you going to build your white nation without standing up for what you believe? Don't be a pussy.. Just say it.