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Originally Posted by Nick Succorso View Post
Good stuff but those girls look almost normal, here where I live they'd all have those vile tongue piercings, its compulsory for girls to get a tongue stud to show everyone how "wild" they are and oh the word is that it's an extra buzz to receive a blow job from a girl with a mouth full of metal. Seriously that's why they get them, to show the world what a naughty cocksucker they are!

Tramp stamps (lower back tattoos on girls) are another slutty disfigurement considered essential fashion for young ladies these days... It's enough to make you sick.
Totoos, piercing is one thing, a person can simply remove it. It’s the attitude that needs to be changed in order to delegitimize zog.

Now, there are substantial upstanding young folks .the jewsmedia only show crap to legitimize depravity .