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Alex Linder

Calgary police say the hate crimes unit is looking into complaints about a flyer distributed by an outspoken Christian activist.

The flyer by Edmonton resident Bill Whatcott has turned up in mailboxes in the neighbourhoods of University Heights and Douglas Glen.

The flyer includes what are intended to be song lyrics that include the line "kill the homosexual." Whatcott also calls homosexuality an "abomination."

Whatcott explains in the document that he does not intend to incite violence with his "seemingly hateful flyer," but has rewritten an existing song and would "prefer if homosexuals repent of their sin and turn to Jesus Christ."

Whatcott's use of controversial language and graphic imagery in previous flyers has attracted police investigations in Regina and Edmonton, and fines from the Saskatchewan Human Rights Tribunal.

University Heights resident Chris Bladen said he was upset his young son came across the flyer.

"There was this flyer there and he says to me, 'Dad what does this mean: Kill the homosexuals?' It sort of startled me and I quickly looked at what it was and realized it was actually more disgusting than just the headline."

Bladen said he supports freedom of speech, but is upset that this material is being pushed on his family.

In an interview with CBC News, Whatcott said this flyer was aimed at the Alberta Human Rights Tribunal, not at homosexuals.

"I stand by my flyer in its entirety and even if people don't like it, I believe it was necessary given what our human rights tribunals do," he said.