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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder

A complete radicalization must occur. People must be told the realities and either choose to be part of the solution or go the fuck home.

This is a heroic movement to save a race. It is noble. It requires noble men to fight for it. There can be no middle ground.

Once the proper organizational procedures have been put in place people should be required to actually do something. Not just post. A forum should be used as a tool to bring people in and make them part of the struggle. Not give morons a platform to derail it. Those that are actually involved with operations won't be posting. They are doing things there is no need to talk about it. Less talk more action. That would be a novelty wouldn't it.

A group that had 1000 serious elite members that are intelligent dedicated and ready for anything can do alot. 50,000 loser posters will never be able to do anything.[/B]
I agree with most of this post. WN should think like entrepreneurs - people looking for an opening, people not easily dissuaded. I think what saps energy is the continual tying of our cause to conservatism and the making excuses for anti-White like Jared Taylor who do all they can to prevent whites from recognizing the enemy, let along fighting it. Then you've got those who fancy themselves the intellectual elite but never offer any leadership, just quibbling on the printed page.

There is a fundamental difference between those who think we need to worry about how we look to others, and need to appeal to jaded bourgeois, vs those who see ours as as noble quest entailing death-level risks.