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Default Computers: Tips for Using Them Most Effectively

[as with recipes, I'm only going to put stuff in here I do myself and know works. I am no expert and make no claims my way is the best way, only that it is a good way]

I have tried various browsers. I prefer Opera. Download Opera here.

Opera has a lot of extensions, and several of them are quite useful.

One you just hit shift, and up pops a definition of the word. Very useful. Many times I know almost what a word means, or have what I suspect is a slightly-off idea of the actual meaning, and with this you can quickly check.

Also very useful is an in-line translator. You just highlight text and translate to English. Very useful for foreign tweets and other small stuff.

Two other extensions block pop-up ads, and ads specifically on youtube. Very useful.

Extensions are very easily added/installed, mere seconds. Other useful ones track weather at various places, track prices on certain items, and track who's tracking your web browsing. And there are dozens more I don't use but might be useful to someone.

All in all, Opera works well.

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