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Default Incandescent lamps are 100% energy efficent if you also need heat...

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Regular light bulbs might give off heat and something you don't want in the Summer, but in the cold climates they help to keep the house warm. They don't put off as much light either. They are very expensive. More nonsense.
I like GE's "REVEAL" lamps because they create flattering light and that's because the glass contains neodymium. My local damaged and outdated goods warehouse now sells A-19 REVEAL lamps for $.50 and A-19, 3-ways for $.75, so I like that they're no longer popular elsewhere.

Where I don't want the heat, like where I live in summer, I use LED lamps because electricity is so expensive. I've never liked so called compact fluorescent lamps, regardless of color temperature, for several reasons somewhat technical.