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Sean Gruber

Who they really want to convince with all their conferences and pseudo-intellectual glop is the jew. Convince him of the rightness and harmlessness of the White cause. So that the jew will leave them alone. "See, we mean you no harm -- we wear ties. White homelands aren't harmful, because of arguments X, Y, and Z. Nationalism isn't Nazism. We aren't out to get you. We won't bring up the Holocaust, even if you rape us with it every day. Our right to exist is reasonable. Don't you see that? We can prove it with many statistics. Don't you understand? We won't contest jews in any way, we dismiss Hitler, we merely wish to be left alone, which is reasonable. All men of sound temperament can agree to acknowledge ... I said, we mean you no harm!! Leave us alone…please! We aren't attacking you!" Like the Wichita Massacre plea: "Please, sir…"

And here come the darn VNNers and Anglins saying, "These god damn jew bastards are the enemy." Heavens, that throws the whole winning project into disarray!

Jews are anti-White, not because of anything Whites have done or said. They will not be persuaded to join WN or leave it alone. Even if you step over them, they will still be there.

The alts plead for money and fans, but top of the list they plead implicitly with the jew (including the jew inside their heads).
No jews, just right

Less talk, more action

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