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Originally Posted by Joe_Smith View Post
The problem with the tactic of omitting historical revisionism, aside from the fact that the facts are on the revisionists side, is also that the political opposition won't drop it.
This is the thing. The KM/GJ party says H is history, but it's not. It's in classrooms daily ebola-ing white minds. Not to fight on this front is to submit to child abuse. I note again the irony that the PhDs are against the actual teaching of truth, while the plebes are for it. For the decider let's go to PhD Goebbels. He said strip the truth bare and lay it out for the meanest intelligence. The public can understand what the jews are doing, why it's anti-white, and what needs to be done about it. It can all be done in a single poster, a single phrase, a single term -- holohoax -- just as the original NS did it.

If you're going into a debate on race, you will inevitably have someone bring up the holohoax. What do Greg Johnson and Taylor do in that scenario?
Taylor will say he's not an expert on WWII, which is and is seen to be a copout. Johnson - has he ever done a System media interview? Not that I've seen. If he had, he would know better than to pretend the H-Lie is something one can 'step over.' He's just got some fanboy necro-crush on the late dead weirdo Bowden, who apparently used that phrase the first time. It's nutso for anyone who has dealt with jewsmedia. And again - the facts are on our side. Why then these intellectuals advocate running away from them? It's past bizarre...

If they ignore it, they're bringing a knife to a gun fight, since the system, media, and education system uses the Holohoax to justify all types of repression and unpopular, dangerous policies.
Exactly. All this stuff is of a piece. Anyone who tells us we must avoid X or only deal with part of Y is wrong. They're all avenues into the same hub, the same big picture: jews are trying to wipe out whites. They use this bogus historical narrative, or this bit of pseudo-scientific lying, or this propaganda term, but it all is meant to lead in the same direction to the same end: pushing whites off the historical and demographic cliff.

Germans feel uneasy about giving a warmongering, psychopath run rogue state like Israel the ability to launch nukes at Europe with the submarine platform Dolphin II? OY VEY, REMEMBER THE HOLOCAUST! People ask for quotas to be put on the ridiculous and nepotism-tinged admission rate of Jews in Harvard, where 2% of the population makes up 25% of its student body (yet substantially less than 25% of Harvard's Honor Roll is composed of Jews), OY VEY THAT'S WHAT HITLER DID.

Hitler was the last Western leader to stand up to Jews and win. That's why he's demonized. By pretending the Holocaust happened, or worse, picking Churchill over Hitler, you make your cause futile. The results are the same as trying to build an automobile from scratch while ignoring and denouncing every precedent and blueprint ever: You're going to get a box Flintstones car that Jewish Ferrari's will leave in the dust.
But these dishonest ones like Liddell like to say why are we obsessed with some dead Austrian from 70 years ago. I don't know, are we obsessed? It seems more that the jews are obsessed. And we know why: the nazis figured out how to defeat them - via propaganda and media, in a democratic system. There's something to learn there.

The hidden thing, which I alone seem to see or mention, is that the British descent of all these men is the veiled reason they simply can't give the NS the respect they deserve - nor the study. No one in Britain ever defeated jews. No one in America ever defeated jews. Only those Germans did. And when you read their ideas at archive, you see how they did it. Why in the world would I listen to Kevin MacDonald or Greg Johnson or Colin Liddell when I could read the words of men who actually did it in the field? This is basic logic and basic humility. This is not our race's first rodeo with jews. The lessons have been learned, the basic ones. Sure we have new social media, but we know the nazis would say USE THEM. The rest - jew strategy and intentions have not changed one iota - read Mein Kampf. But Anglo-American, British arrogance, our sad conservative legacy - these define the mindset common to white nationalism in the US. There simply isn't enough thinking on our side. The way to defeat jews is known. But "we" prefer to muddle along, putting personalities and personal interests ahead of proven principles.

If Jews organize like Betar, they get Israel and control the world. If Greg Johnson and Jared Taylor are afraid to endorse Hitler, why not the Jews who ripped him and Mussolini off and founded the ruling party of Israel today?
People don't seem to grasp that there are not fifty different ways to go after jews, there's only one way that works - what the NS did. You don't have to call what you do nazi, but you are going to find that only their techniques get the job done. The point is, they're not "their" techniques, they belong to anyone in any country who uses them.