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Default Re: The Turdcoil Nightbulb Scam

Pigtail light bulbs are the way to go. The only part of the nutcase crank article that I agree with is that the pigtails do not put out as much useable light as the obsolete ones did. But a 75 watt-equivalent pigtail bulb is easily as powerful as the old 60 watt. The 75 watt-equivalent pigtail uses only 30% as much electricity. It produces little heat, which reduces your air conditioner load. And the pigtails last much longer.

Dr. Pierce started using them in about 1998 for all bulbs in heavy use like the ones lighting the stairway. Like him, Im not paranoid about mercury, because being science nuts both of us played with mercury as kids; I even tasted it.

As for the government mandating things, I once opposed that. However libertinism assumes some mental equality among residents. Our country is not populated with Dr. Pierces. The majority is now made up of irrationals: Blacks, Mexicans, white trash, and nutcase cranks.