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This thread should be named Racial BS about Portugal because that is what The Black Man's Gift to Portugal is.

Sub-Saharan genetic markers

Portugal is also the region in Europe with the highest frequency of the female mediated mtDNA haplogroup L of Sub-Saharan origin, possibly a result of Berber and Arab colonization or slave trade.

In 2003, a study by Brehm at al. which analysed 525 Portuguese individuals reported mtDNA L haplogroups at 11.8% in the south, 8.1% in the center, 3.3% in the north and also found a significant Sub-Saharan imprint in the Autonomous regions of Portugal, with L haplogroups constituting about 13% of the lineages in Madeira and 3.4 % in the Azores.

In a 2005 study by Pereira et al. that analysed 549 Portuguese individuals, sub-Saharan mtDNA L haplogroups were found at rates of 11.38% in the south, 5.02% in the center and 3.21% in the north.

Y-DNA Sub-Saharan haplogroups are practically non-existent. In a 2006 study by Beleza et al. using 663 individual samples only 0.3% of Sub-Saharan Y-DNA was detected overall.