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This subject has already been critiqued before and no one has ever competently answered to the critique.

Show me where this "pure Nordic race" of yours ever existed in history. You can't. None of you can. None of you can demonstrate that there was ever a population of Aryans in which all phenotypes weren't present. None of you can demonstrate that there once existed a "Nordic" population, as you imagine it, which subsequently influenced and was influenced by other European populations to produce what you think is a motley crew.

That's why all this talk about a "Nordic race" is nonsense. You are arbitrarily picking out a particular phenotype present in Aryan populations, and inferring from this that these are the remnants of a race which has left its presence in European populations through admixture, without any historical or genetic evidence to the point. It's hocus pocus. Hilarious even. Most hilarious of all is that you're not even aware of the underlying assumptions.

What's the point of doing genetic tests when you cannot find a population? Every single species biologists have classified through sequencing have had an actual physical population that could be identified, this is a paramount principal which most seem completely ignorant and blind to. If you cannot find a consistently interbreeding stable population within some time frame you have absolutely no basis whatsoever to come to the conclusion that there exists a species (or sub race as you like to say) where you think there is one.

At any rate the classical heroes - such as Grant and Guenthar didn't even contribute anything to this field, that is they had nothing unique to give anthropologically. The sub racial idea and "discovery" of the Nord was done by Deniker (Albeit commendably without any ideology) all Guenthar and Grant did was tag on their own opinions and historical outlook, basically they were thinking up a novel background for these sub races by observing Europid history. Comically, this outlook on history was rejected by the Third Reich itself (Which in all had only 5% pure Nords , meaning that this forum has approximately 0.00% Nords ) . In the end the only person worth recognizing for any sort of real work would probably be Deniker as someone who studied haplotype but failed to realize that what he was seeing was diversity . There is no sub race of Drosophilia with white eye color, or red eye color, or brown eye color that is genetic diversity at work if every novel genetic snippet made us a sub race then it would be viable to just say that each individual is his own sub race, if that is so what is the purpose of such a label to begin with? Species is a meaningful, well developed concept, sub race is not.

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