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Karl Lueger

" Der jude ist der Dämon hinter der Korruption von mankind."

anything thats a threat to jews will be a target for ruin,
basically Western institutions, from academia to the White family,
have been infiltrated or corrupted by jews.

"You let in the jew and the jew rotted your empire,
the jew has rotted every nation he has wormed into."

"There is one thing above all of which we must always keep in mind," he tendered, "one thing of which we must always remind ourselves:
'Great masters of the lie'!
One need only forget Schopenhauer's words for an instant in order to begin slipping under the influence of their deceptions.
A Jew is only embarrassed when he inadvertently blurts out the truth.
If he should happen to deliberately tell the truth, it is always with a mental reservation, thus making a lie even of the truth."

"Indeed, Luther," I replied, "said to the Jews:
'You are not a German, but a deceiver, not a Frenchman, but a faker.' (42) His synonym for Jew was 'liar'!"

Originally Posted by Alex Linder View Post
[George Lincoln Rockwell:]

In 1957 I sat down and wrote the most atrocious bunch of lies I could concoct about Nazi medical experiments. I just made them up.... I sent it into Sir! magazine, a Jewish magazine in New York and I sold it for 75 dollars. And they printed it with a whole bunch of photographs that I had never seen in my life before, which they said were photographs of the events in my Master Sergeant Lew Cor, which is Rockwell spelled backward.

[p 202-3 of "Hate: George Lincoln Rockwell & the American Nazi Party"]
Nicely done Sarge..
"To survive a war, you gotta become war."

Rambo, John J.