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M.N. Dalvez

Just when you thought spiders couldn't possibly get any worse
Who the fuck thinks spiders are bad or 'worse'?

Squeamish women and ignorant bastards - that's who.

(How does an ignorant, glib jew bastard get a job as a nature writer? Whoops, I just answered my own question - he's a jew. Tribal nepotism, that's how.)

Spiders are fantastic creatures.

Yeah, sometimes people get bitten by them. Sometimes people even die from spider bite.

But you don't hear everyone complaining so much about mosquitoes, say, who have killed orders-of-magnitude more people than spiders could ever even aspire to.

The greatest thing about spiders is, they don't compete against us. Or prey on us. In fact, they are creatures which complement humans - despite the occasional spider-bite, which can be put down to miscommunication and accident much, much more than malice and predation.