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Originally Posted by Zyklon B.Good View Post
The more mundane explanation,the japs attack at Pearl Harbor and the round
of declarations of war forced Hitler to kick off the European war at least 10
years earlier than planned. The German nation of the 1950's would have had
jet aircraft,stealth technology,a vast u boat and surface fleet,night vision,
i.c.b.m.'s,nuclear weapons. And been the only nation to have all this and more
as well as a huge army.
Quite true... What could had been. Germany at war in 1949 with all this; no chance for allies. Even with two fronts. If only...

Ive learnt that the US maybe were not pushing for a war with Germany, if only Hitler never declared war on US.

A story pop up on FB of US air man joining RAF because America was still neutral. America took his citizenship away. America was neutral, so any American took up arms against any axis had his citizenship revoked. His own back round was German... His last name was Wolfe.

You would think The US would love an American with german background killing other germans, but no, that wasn't the case. I feel america wasn't that anti german even though jews had so much influence on US. I feel Britain was more anti herman than America was.