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While it is excellent to see these video testimonies being made before it is too late it is a negative to attach them to the wider "revisionist" agenda. The crimes of violence,rape,torture,murder and dispossession of Germans that found themselves at the mercy of the allies stand alone as set in stone crimes against humanity and demand justice.
The movement must deal with the world as it is as each new generation comes along the atrocities committed against the Germans appear as just as heinous as any committed by Germans. That the fact that German perpetrators real or imagined were and are hunted down into their 90's is disgusting to us the movement but not to the outsiders.
However the point of genuine contention that needs to be emphasised is that perpetrators of crimes against Germans are alive and not being prosecuted. The sjw generation will find this disparity and inconsistency inexplicable.This is the point the "revisionists" if this is what they are need to emphasise. Further the testimonies need to be edited to 10 minutes maximum and concentrate on the atrocities committed against Germans and not greater political and revisionist issues.
I first read books about the atrocities visited on the Germans in the early 70's , testimonies that had been recorded in the late 40's and early 50's. Many civillians in the UK then believed "so what" the Germans deserved it.That view is no longer widespread among the western Aryan societies and these atrocities can now be mainstreamed.
I do understand why revisionists want to highlight their efforts through the German victims testimonies and I also accept that it is the self same perpetrators and their descendants, but I am one of the converted. The revisionist movement must take cogniscance of current political events: The mainstreaming of anti immigration racism for a start, Brexit, Trump their are millions out there educated by the internet not to accept court historians they must engage on their terms that is short sharp focused videos backed up with pictorial websites not how one would wish but how it is.
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