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Default Manual labor does not train your body

Originally Posted by Kievsky
I've been getting a lot of exercise myself lately. Way too much manual labor, and not nearly enough yoga.

If manual laborers were forced to do yoga 3x a week, there would be far fewer workers compensation claims.

When I finally get a chance to do yoga after a week of thorwing around cordwood, my joints crack like crazy. I can feel the blood rushing into the abused muscles, the strained tendons let go.

Keep this in mind, folks. If you find yourself in 19th century Dickensian conditions, doing 10 hours of manual labor a day and wrecking your body, remember my words. If you do yoga a few times a week, you'll save yourself.

I think there may be a psychological aspect to training. No matter if it is weight lifting, yoga, cardio, etc.
Your mind is consciously aware that you are training your body and thus, helps compensate your tissues, joints and cells to grow stronger and/or more flexible.
Moreover, I'd say there is a spurious relation to training and overall better health. People involved in physical exercise tend to have an overall more healthy lifestyle, better nutrition..that sort of thing.
Plus, one of the greatest joys of training is the discipline and goal setting that you do for yourself. It's all part of the healthy lifestyle.

I read on here a long time ago about people doing something like 100 pushups every hour for 10 hours or things of this nature.
I would want to try this sometime in the fall so I am kind of training myself for this personal quest.

Manual labor usually involves complex movements that the body may not be ready for.
I have not tried Yoga yet, but enjoy weights and lifting.
I notice without adequate nutrition, all the training is almost useless for me so I have really hunkered down in writing down my daily meals and overall diet.

I have practically eliminated unnatural foods from my diet, don't drink alcohol or soda, and eat lots of protein....things are going well in my training.

Let's start a thread asking what is your all time favorite/most hated exercise movement?