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Originally Posted by Alex Linder View Post
Relax, fdtwainth. It helps to have in VNNF what the controlled media have - the names help pull in outsiders using search engines. Some things are interesting on their own, and bigfoot is one of them. Of course, I don't believe in it, but it's always neat to see people try to pull off hoaxes. I remember saying, "That's bullshit" re that film of bigfoot somewhere in the northwest, maybe California. Where bf is walking away and then looks back at the camera. And sure enough, the guys who did it eventually admitted it. Same as with WTC demolitions. After I realized it was not a Hollywood movie, I knew it was a Mossad production.
Actually the people who claimed they were the ones who were in the suit were in fact the hoaxers. They asked them repeatedly to produce feet or the costume and they never could. There have been about 10 people who have made that claim. The guy who filmed it died not too long ago and the other guy who was there with him who was a teenager at the time has never said it was a hoax, and the photographer never admitted it was a hoax.

Recently scientists from a university took the footage and a large athlete and tried to get him to reproduce, step by step that kind of walk. They concluded that the human body cannot move in that way so it could not have been a guy in a monkey suit.

Meanwhile up in the high country where my parents live they say that they actually have a family of them living that the government has been protecting for years. One of our family friends has seen the pictures of them and he was planning on going up there to try to shoot it with a tranquilizer gun. A few years ago a group of backpackers got attacked by the group and they ran out of there in the middle of the night leaving all their equipment.

Now you can say that is no proof, and I would agree, I am skeptical too but I know this, if you have ever spent much time in the wilderness or flown over our country you know there are so many vast acres of land where no man has ever stepped that it would be easy to evade capture for so many years.

Remember Steve Fossi ( sp) the aviator who got lost last year in his plane over the nevada desert. They still have not found him or his plane and they know he could only be in a 200 mile radius and there are no trees there to hide the wreckage.

I hope that it is true. Mostly because all the media assholes keep saying it is a hoax and acting really crappy to those old rednecks who found it. I would like to see Shepard Smith eat his words...I hate that guy.