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Originally Posted by Serbian View Post
This ''Marco Polo'' faggot is full of shit. Jews are shutting down free speech on the internet and he's going on about China.

Chinks are literally invading Aryan nations, buying territory in Aryan nations, buying Aryan companies, stealing Aryan technology, outbidding Aryan families for educational opportunities, threatening Aryan nation with nuclear attack via NK, etc and you are gong out about "shutting down free speech on the Internet".

Maybe the kikes want to shut down "free speech on the internet" so Aryan cannot discuss the fact the kike is replacing Aryan technocrats/engineers/IT with chinks.

When the kikes have enough chinks stationed in Aryan nations maybe the chinks will be more amiable to to disabling free speech on the Internet.

And which country likely has the most sophisticate Web censorship infrastructure today? China.
Chinks are no different than kikes and niggers,
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