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Default Czech court upholds punishment for "racist" webpage

Brno - The Czech Constitutional Court (US) today finally confirmed a suspended sentence for a youth from Ostrava, North Moravia, for operating a webpage in which he called for "rahowa" (racial holy war).

The judges dismissed the youth's complaint as unsubstantiated.

"Even the fundamental right to the freedom of speech is not limitless," the court panel said.

"It can be reduced for the sake of the protection of rights and freedoms of other people or for the sake of protection of public security," it added.

The youth committed the crime in 2003, when he was underage.

He proclaimed hatred for Romanies and Jews on the webpage. He informed about the meetings celebrating Adolf Hitler's anniversary and published links to other webpage on the issue.

He greeted the webpage users with the Nazi salute, used the symbols of Nazi Germany and the abbreviation 88 meaning "Heil Hitler."

Last January, he received a 6-month sentence suspended for 15 months.

The ruling was also upheld by the Supreme Court.