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Originally Posted by Alex Linder View Post
Not forced to pay for private, though.

The problem is writing for length. Most school is so boring, and practice exercises so tedious that one only wants to get the task completed. I can recall one paper I wrote I enjoyed, the rest was drudgery. When you write for length, you pick up very bad habits - precisely the opposite habits you need when you write professionally - where the goal is short as possible. In pro writing (before the internet anyway) there's never enough space/time, so you have to get to the point. You cant write long inflated sentences because there's not enough room or money to pay to print them.

Public school is designed to make people literate enough to absorb propaganda. Not to intellectually develop them, or encourage them in their different abilities. Just enough to grasp what's said on tv. Beyond that, it actually discourages them - as you'll find from any extended talk with an NEA member. No one hates learning like a public school teachers.

Teachers are uniform system products, they have to get mickey-mouse accreditation to teach.

In the real world, learning is brought on by need - the exact opposite of academic, which is basically pointless exercises. In the real world, being able to do something is the qualification that matters, but in 'education' it's all about the certificate - which guarantees you have gone through 2 years of marxist teacher-education bullshit unrelated to the substance of the actual courses you'll be teaching.

There's a reason that homeschool kids perform much better than public school kids and it's not that they're smarter to start with. They end up better socialized too, contrary to NEA lies.

See the HS section - it takes 100 hours to learn the three Rs. After that you can teach yourself. So why does schooling take 20 years? To waste energy and money. To brainwash and control. To subude and pacify.

Not to mention - now we have the internet. What could possibly be less reasonable than a brick-and-mortar school for education? You can find lectures on anything you want to know on youtube. You can read up on everything you want to know here at VNNF or somewhere else.

Some good points here, but public education today has hardly anything to do with the Prussian model that did great things for Germany. America today has a progressive education system that is based on the cultural Marxist nation-retarding ideas of John Dewey.

Before the Jewish takeover, Prussian-style schools taught people how to think. That's the base the Nazis had to engage the masses with their ideas. American public schools are about being "inclusive" and dumbing things down so everyone feels special, so material is limited (and in modern times, heavily politicized) in scope. Prussian education, due to the fact that Prussia was more or less a military state, encouraged analytical thinking and (reasonable) open-endedness because these are very valuable traits to have on the battlefield (compulsory education was passed after a major defeat of Prussia in the Napoleonic war). One of the reason German officers were more creative and competent than their West Point equivalents is partially thanks to this difference between Prussian and American educational philosophies.

Harvard, Stanford, John Hopkins, and Yale are the only institutions that still truly practice the Prussian model, and they're the only ones that produce results worth talking about these days (even with the dumbing down that comes from Jewish controll).
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