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Originally Posted by Joe_Smith View Post
E. Michael Jones is brilliant, but his Catholic blindspot to the Jew as a biological entity is ridiculous. Pour holy water on a kike and magically a rotwieler becomes a shih-tzu.

Trad Catholics rail against Vatican II yet also against classifying Jews as a race. Who were the theologians supporting it Vatican II? Gregory Baum and Nathan Osterreich, two "Catholic" who weaseled their way into the top brass, despite being booted from Germany for being Jews.

Any institution that doesn't understand Jews as a race is doomed to be infiltrated and destroyed by them.
Catholicism can see jews as subverters, but it doesn't trace this to their race. They can be converted. Since a few have been successfully, that proves they all can. That is catholic reasoning. To an outsider, it's insane, but that is how they see it. And it's dogmatic, if I'm using that word right. They won't change it because they can't change it. They can't divide humans into competing races because that's against their dogma, that all men need jesus christ. So...they're screwed. Their dogma leaves them open to subversion. It's basically like the saying: you have to win every time, but we only have to win once. Well, now they've won. They've got in and completely poisoned the church. It now completely serves jew interests. It takes this decades to work out, but jews are patient. Now we have a pope who:

- worships jews, forgives their murdering jebus, participates in their ceremonies around imaginary suffering/anti-white atrocity propaganda

- promotes their liberalism - not just spiritual equality, but full political equality for morbid sex deviants. promotes destructive invasion of white lands by non-whites because that's the "love" thing to do, and since race is a matter of no more than customary importance, Europe should throw open her borders.

The only real thing of value in traditional catholicism, which not peculiar to the religion, is white-normal sexual mores. This legacy serves to help whites resist the sexualization of culture. That is why jews are so hostile to catholicism. Also, to the extent jebus exists in people's minds, and occupies a full day on the calendar, jews hate him. Not because he's even anti-them, but because there's one day where jews and their lies and concerns aren't front and center!

There's no getting around it: the things we whites want, just normal whites, are only possible in a Consciously White Culture. The basis of our culture is our whiteness, not our religion or region. The catholic church is majority non-white, and will only become more so over time, with China being the top christian country, in pure numbers, by 2030.