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Originally Posted by Robbie Key View Post
It seems like Oliver gets overly academical in chapter three. Who gives a shit about Greek translations?

Then again, he didn't propose to compile these articles into a book.
That's why despite being very important and compelling, Oliver's writings are not as well known as they should be. But then again, you have to consider, he's writing for a highly educated and intellectual audience, and he's a little dry like academics tend to be. Reading his stuff is like listening to opera, it's a taste you have to acquire, and that's when you start appreciating the challenging nature of his work.

I think personally there's a terrible shortage of academic work from the nationalist perspective that is on par with Kevin MacDonald and Revilo Oliver, this is thanks mostly to Jews banning whites who don't tow the line from academia. What needs to happen is we need people like Oliver to write, and other people to translate and simplify the ideas without sacrificing too much of their complexity, and yet another sector dedicated to turning this into effective propaganda. That's why the readings are good and Linder should comment on them more (without his libertarian ideological impositions ).

Whenever a cultural Marxist argues his ridiculous points, he has a plethora of fake research to tap into to back him up. Meanwhile, our side because of the way the system is designed, have only layman reality. But you'd be surprised at how much white people defer to men who use big words, especially whites who are smarter than the rest (which we need more of), so this barrier is something we have to break through to appeal to a good mix of people.

My suggestion: put a clothespin on your nose and trek through Oliver (same goes for Spengler), its more intellectually satisfying than first meets the eye.
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