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Originally Posted by Alex Linder View Post
He's showing how jews were acting the same way 2k years ago as they do today. Whining, causing disruptions, special pleading... And also how they lie about their gods and conceal their own dubious origins.
Yep. Nero and Caligula are lied about as much as Hitler, even with archeologists now unearthing that they were some of the most popular emperors in Rome's history. And that's all thanks to Philo and Josephus, and later Jew-ignorant gentiles who assumed their historical works were in good faith and thus authorative sources. What a "coincidence" that both leaders were instrumental in recognizing and combating classical Jewry. "Anti-Semitism" is not a Christian phenomenon as Jews claim, even people with no prejudices or direct reason to hate them (Romans ruled the entire known world and its many different peoples) end up despising them.
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