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Default Harold Covington comments..

I thought his commentary was worth including on this discussion thread.

The Principle, not the Man
Greetings comrades,

A word in your shell-like ears, please.

Over the past week or so I've been catching some flak because, in public at least, I have been standing up for certain Movement figures who are not precisely popular in some circles. I refer specifically to my public defense of Bill White, Hal Turner, and Matt Hale.

I have had people tell me, "Jesus, Harold, don't you remember what White/Turner/Hale said about you when they were out on the street? Don't you remember how they smeared you and slandered you and tried to undermine your support and steal your financial donors? How can you defend them?"

The answer to that last question is yes, I remember. I'm like an elephant; I never forget where that kind of thing is concerned. For the record, I have no personal affinity for these men at all, and if they were all three to be suddenly beamed up to the Enterprise by Scotty where they would be devoured by blood-mad tribbles, I would have no problem with that.

But the unfortunate fact is that political movements, especially revolutionary ones, cannot always choose who their martyrs are, and neither can we. Whether we like it or not, in all three of these cases what was done to these men affects us all, because it sets precedents we cannot afford to ignore.

The Salami Slicer in Action

The arrest of all three of these men constitute part of the Jewish salami slicer technique where our rights are being stripped away from us, thin slice by thin slice. These are not cases of artificial David Duke-style "martyrdom" where, by an act of emotional solipsism, we air-brush out of the picture the fact that his federal felony conviction and prison sentence was because he embezzled money from us and gambled it away in casinos.

Regardless of what we think about these men and their views, these were genuine political arrests by the enemy and directed against what remains of our rights and freedoms, and we have to respond to them as such. This is not the first time I have been forced to defend the principle, not the man. Nor will it be the last.

I do not think much at all of Matt Hale's "religion," which is in fact none. I personally knew the founder of that bogus "religion" before he OD'ed in the crapper. I had much to say about him in the past, but for the time being I will let it go by saying merely that he was a man who should never have been allowed anywhere amongst us at all. Had he not been, some good young men would still be alive and many more would not have had their lives ruined.

But the fact remains that Hale was the first known White American arrest under the Patriot Act, although the feds made that vanish by trial time and his conviction was on common or garden variety "conspiracy" charges. Hale's alleged "conspiracy" consisted of typing one single sentence into an AIM chat, that sentence being "I cannot be involved in this." That was all it took for a jury of Chicago niggers to sentence him to 40 years in prison, where last I heard he has been held virtually incommunicado in almost Guantanamo-esque conditions.

40 years for typing six words. If something like this does not concern us, then what does?

Words On The Internet

Bill White and Hal Turner are--hmm, how can I put this? Not exactly the sharpest knives in the drawer.

They yielded to one of the most dangerous side effects of the internet, that feeling of invincibility one gets when you're sitting behind this keyboard in a darkened room and you know your words will be recorded for the ages in the archives of cyber-space. The internet gives one a sense of freedom--or perhaps irresponsibility would be a better way of putting it, almost like alcohol does. You can do stupid things when you're drunk and type stupid things when you're on the Net, and in White's case at least, it seems he did both. (I don't know whether Turner drinks.)

White's favorite little trick was to publish the names, personal phone numbers, and home addresses of people he didn't like on his web site, sometimes with a smarmy little invitation to "give them a call and express your views." His intention, of course, was crystal clear to everyone concerned. No one knows better than Bill White that the internet is full of countless thousands of kooks, freaks, and weirdos. White was trying to cause the objects of his enmity apprehension and annoyance by generating crank phone calls from internet loons. His intention was never to cause any actual harm to anyone; I believe no one would have been more horrified than White himself had one of the internet fruitcakes reading actually visited any of his hate objects and attacked them.

Besides, I can tell you from personal experience that this technique doesn't work. Tom Metzger and Willard used to "out" me all the time, and I was never bothered. Metzger especially would shout out my name and home address on his recorded message every other week, inciting his Skinhead Armies of the Night or whoever to attack me, and the only thing that ever happened was I used to get some really weird calls from that kid Ren Herler who lived at Pastor Butler's compound. But Herler didn't even threaten me, he would just babble drunkenly into my answering machine.

Bill White was just an overgrown child playing pranks on the grownups. He was never a serious threat to anyone, and the Organs had to know this. But what our friends in the silks suits did to him in response to his childish behavior was very serious indeed.

They arrested him purely and simply for what he published on the internet, information which was a matter of public record and which could be found in three minutes by anyone who knows how to use Google. There was not and never has been any suggestion by the regime's secret police that White did anything, or even intended to do anything, to any one. Not even the usual trumped-up informant perjury or household chemicals found in his home that suddenly transmuted into "bomb-making material."

The legal fig leaf of "overt act in furtherance of conspiracy," always tenuous at best where White Nationalists are concerned, has now been completely dropped. For the first time since the Sedition Act of 1798, words alone are now enough to send an American citizen to prison. This is vital, and it has to be a precedent they are deliberately trying to set.

The secret police abducted Bill White from the jurisdiction where he lives, thus making it almost impossible for his wife and friends to visit him and support him and cutting him off from any non-hostile human contact. They detained him for nine months without trial in one of the worst niggerized prisons in the country, with the only person allowed access to him being his Hindu court-appointed lawyer. They seized and destroyed or made away with his server, all his computer equipment, and his business records, making it impossible for him to ever pick up where he left off. In effect, they silenced a critic of the regime by force, something which is not supposed to happen in America,

Then some judge [in Chicago, a Democrat for sure] decided that it wasn't quite the time for The One to take on the First Amendment openly, or else he was so directed by his masters in Washington. They dropped the federal charges and will presumably be returning White to Virginia--to more prison. Even if White clears himself of the local charges he still faces in Virginia (so much for double jeopardy) the regime has flattened him. Maybe destroyed him, maybe not--I don't know if he'll bounce back. We'll have to see.

But all for nothing but words. Please, comrades, try to understand what I am saying here. In light of the Bill White case, it is no longer necessary for anyone actually to commit or even be suspected a crime of any kind. From now on, we can and may be arrested solely for words which we publish on the only public forum that remains open to us, the internet.

If this does not concern us, then what does?

The Loopiness of Hal Turner

I admit, it's a lot harder to find excuses for Hal Turner--or possibly easier, depending on his state of mind. I never heard his internet radio program but I did read his blog, and I have to admit that he did produce a good, readable, and interesting product more often than not.

But in Turner's case, unlike White's, he actually threatened people by name, as in "So and so lives at such and such an address, and tomorrow night me and my crew are going to pay him a visit and whup his ass." (Turner had no "crew," of course; he appears to be the classic stereotype of the paranoid White male right-wing eccentric who still lives in his mother's basement at age 40. In this case a middle-aged loner from New Jersey who watched too many episodes of The Sopranos.)

Once again, we are talking about a gross and probably deliberate overreaction here on the part of the secret police, as well as the piling on of charges all for basically the same thing. They're throwing the book at some guy who's not quite right in the head, cackling to himself on the internet, kind of like an EDP standing on a street corner talking to the fire hydrant. If they did that to every raving lunatic on the Net there would be at least 20 million more people in American prisons. But apparently White Nationalists, who have never been allowed to have a sense of humor, are now no longer allowed even to be eccentric.

The Organs know perfectly well that Hal Turner is harmless, that he has no "crew," and that no one takes him seriously. If these conditions did not apply they would have been all over Turner like ugly on an ape, years ago. They are still capable of recognizing and dealing with any genuine threat to the people who sign their paychecks, as few and far between as those are. Hal Turner doesn't deserve to rot in Rahway Prison being sodomized by niggers for years on end, simply because he could not resist the opportunity of availing himself of the fantasy that the internet offers, siren-like, for millions of lonely people like him.

What they're doing with Turner is again trying to set a precedent, that it is lawful and possible to arrest and imprison someone purely for publishing words on the internet, and that it is no longer necessary for any kind of overt act to be committed, or even any of the already paper-thin pretensive burden of active "conspiracy" to do anything.

This concerns us. It concerns us very deeply, because once the precedent is set, from these marginal cases the secret police will move on to arrest and detain genuine, adult dissidents and critics of the regime.

A Political Duty

As part of the Party's propaganda all of us, including myself, must publicly defend certain racial and political principles. Not necessarily the men involved in separate episodes, but principles. Sooner or later we are going to have to convince people that the Northwest Front has the answer, and when that day comes we are going to have to show people something other than "Ah hates a gawd-damn nigger."

Matt Hale, Bill White, and Hal Turner (and for that matter Harold Covington) are not important in the ultimate scheme of things. Whether they are saints or devils, geniuses or fools, doesn't matter. But the effect that their lives and their stories have on the overall big picture are important.

When I make favorable references to someone--or unfavorable references to someone--please understand that regardless of what you have heard about me, I am not "fighting a Movement feud." I long ago laid all that behind me. My willingness to defend Hale, White, and Turner in public proves that I place my racial duty above my personal pique for GUBU past.

Yeah, all three of these guys and a lot of others have trashed me in the past, but when they are victimized by The One and his minions in a genuinely political sense, in order to harm our race and destroy our rights, I get over it.

And if I can get over it, so can you.


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