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Arrow got what he wanted?

Originally Posted by Roy Albrecht View Post
1) Why would a guy who is on the fringe of society with minimal money and support, go out of his way to basically utter public threats against people who have the money presses under their control, not to mention, Courts, MassMedia, Police Sentiment, secret societies... and a whole host of other power nodes?

2) And why would he do it at a time in history when White people are just starting to get the picture of Jewish leadership rolls in the demise of the White race and the collapse of the Western World Banking System and the start of WW3?

3) And why would the Jews give such wide mass media coverage to this story so that every White who is getting damned fed up with the Government can see what happens when you open your mouth?

4) Who benefits?
His motivations are uncertain.

His statements in support of Palestine are relevant.

He was the first person convicted under Western Australia State law regarding racial vilification. This is not a national law but only relates to those 2 million people in Western Australia.

His conduct at the trial, including his representation of himself was farcical and strange.

You could conclude that he wanted to become a speech martyr.

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