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Lightbulb Herr Doktor Professor (leader of A3p) Kevin MacDonald's Assessment of Brendan O'Connell is given a "B+" by Me!

Not being one for pointing to the correct and accurate conclusions that the esteemed Hr. Doktor Professor MacDonald draws w.r.t. Mr. O'Connell, because God knows there are many and they are largely self-evident, I would instead like to focus on the niggling or hair splitting points where I do not really disagree, but am also not able to wholeheartedly agree either.


1) Regarding Hr. Dr. Prof. K. MacDonald's (hereafter referred to as "Mr. President" or "Dr. MacDonald") statement (highlight is by me);

"...Further, Mr. O’Connell’s use of the term “Holohoax” is needlessly offensive and is an example of the tendency to overattribute malevolence, resulting in misstatements of fact. On the other hand, his reference to “Holocaustianity” and “HolocaustTM” may be seen as a clever way of getting at the central role of the Holocaust as a cultural icon in the West analogous to a new religion brought about by Jewish activism. This is well-grounded in fact; see, e.g., Michael Novick’s The Holocaust in American Life and Norman Finkelstein’s The Holocaust Industry."

To my knowledge, Dr. Faurisson has made available a $50,000
(sum may not be quite correct as I quote from memory, but it is considerable from a WNist perspective)
award for anyone who is able to provide any type of forensic evidence that proves the Holocaust, or as Mr. O'Connell IMO correctly terms it, the "holohoax", did in fact occur.
This sum, to be awarded to anyone providing forensic evidence (biological or documentary) for the so called "holocaust of 6 million Jews", or even evidence of a premeditated strategy to genocidally wipe out the Jewish Race, has been a standing offer for over 20 years now,
and not a single believer in the Holocaust lie has come to claim it.
Moreover, based on the forensic evidence that is available, if one dares to look for it, it clearly shows that "the Jews" have largely made up the whole Holocaust myth.
This is one statement that O'Connell makes that I would never go so far as to call offensive, because it negates the millions upon millions of ethnic Germans (and others) who WERE deliberately incinerated by the "Jewish Bankers" who overwhelmingly underpinned and engineered the entirety of the 2nd World War.


Again, I assume that for reasons of lack of expertise in the area of Holocaustianity and the unwillingness to risk overall academic credibility should he go so far as to characterize the "Jewish Race" as having a "Liar-murder-re-verso nature"
(blaming the victims of crimes they themselves HAVE committed upon the off-spring or survivors of those crimes)
and then it turning out to be incorrect in one small instance, the future Mr. President is unwilling to "go the full mile" in calling a spade a spade when it comes to the Holocaust Lie of the Jews.
"Jews" are never shy of pouncing upon their enemies and pro/per-secuting them (the trial often being worse than the punishment) to the maximum extent of the law for the smallest infractions and, in the future Mr. President's case, the consequences would be needless entanglements with a cunning pack of ruthless killers at a time when utmost delicacy is required if he is to succeed in becoming the future President of these United States of America.
Nevertheless, from what I recall, during the many court trials involving "Jew" created Hate Laws infractions the world over, not the least being the Zundel trials of the mid 1980's, every single so called "eyewitness" to the Holocaust that the "Jews" were able to produce has crumbled on the stand and been proven to be a liar!
So the quote below,

"...In addition, his claim that some Holocaust memoirs have been fabricated is certainly accurate (e.g., Binjamin Wilkomirski’s Fragments, Shocken Books (US edition, 1996). And his claim that Simon Wiesenthal was a liar relies on an article from a reputable source, the Times (London), which begins: “His is reputation is built on sand. … He was a liar — and a bad one at that.” (See here.) "

about Simon Weisenthal is not only factual, but it applies, as far as I know, to every single "eye witness" who has ever been cross examined under oath by experts in the various forensic sciences and have researched the "Jewish Lies" of the so called Holocaust.
The word "Holocaust" does not even rightly characterize what happened to "Jews" during the second world war and more aptly applies to all those non-Jews who were victimized by the fratricidal conflagration.

So in this particular case one might say that O'Connell's claim is a vast understatement and the highlighted part of the Professor's quote should probably read more like, "...the overwhelming majority..." or "...every memoir and eyewitness's testimony...".
Succinctly put, there has yet to be found an eyewitness to the Holocaust lie of the Jews that has not been proven to be telling a largely pack of lies mixed with a few truths.

IMO, this is one place where O'Connell was understating reality instead of overstating it and often made me think twice about his authenticity.!


Again, since I am for classification purposes, a homeless, poverty stricken, uneducated, and largely destitute person, I need not be the Professor or the Academic in my writings but leave what I regard as trivial the tasks of bibliographing my statements with respect to the overall heinous nature of the "Jews" to those who wish to persecute me further.
But I have read that the communications network in use in the Twin Towers at the time of 9-11, where Jews were called in advance and told not to show up for work, was controlled by Jews (an Israeli company).
As well, the security system in place in the London subway system (7-7), Montreal Metro (attempted psy-op), and indeed many sub-way systems and airport terminals of the western world are even now controlled by Israeli or Jewish owned companies. In fact, if I am further correct, it was O'Connell himself who helped uncover this information and disseminate it.
So although I do not refute the esteemed Herr Dr. Professor, I would ask if some peer review can be done and some commentary on the correctness of the quote below can be added.
It is even widely known the the Diebold (USA computerized voting) machines were developed and sold by a Jewish owner from Israel, if I am not mistaken. This was a key issue when calling into question general election fraud in the US federal elections since 2002 (?).

"...On the other hand, I did not see any support for his claims that Jews dominate the Information Technology industry, including “the design and fabrication of computer chips, surveillance technology – data intercepts, voice recognition–internet security, database collation–storage, linking, analysis.” His comments on the Sayanim are well-founded, but that’s a far cry from making the case that, for example, Leon Wende has compromised the Australian military because of his loyalty to Israel."


To wind down on a pleasant and jovial note, I am inclined to say..., "You don't say ! One look at most every "filthy liar Kike" on the planet would tell you what's quoted below!" LOL

·"...Population genetic evidence clearly shows that there is an ethnic coherence to Judaism. Widely dispersed Jewish groups (e.g., Ashkenazi and Sephardic Jews) are far more closely related to each other than to the peoples they have lived among since the beginning of the Jewish Diaspora."

I think the Ultra Orthodox Rabbis have it right when they that Jews are a completely different animal from the rest of us!
I sure as hell wouldn't want to be related to them.


Lastly, and this quote below is the only reason why I was at first inclined to be skeptical regarding Mr. O'Connell,

"...Mr. O’Connell emphasizes the connections his accusers have with Chabad Lubavitch and he characterizes this group as “racist” and one rabbi in particular as “racist homicidal.” Mr. O’Connell is referring to an article in the Israeli newspaper Haaretz describing the views of Rabbi Manis Friedman who, when asked how to deal with Arabs, stated, “The only way to fight a moral war is the Jewish way: Destroy their holy sites. Kill men, women and children (and cattle).” If Israel acted in his manner, there would be “no civilian casualties, no children in the line of fire, no false sense of righteousness, in fact, no war.” “I don’t believe in Western morality. Living by Torah values will make us a light unto the nations who suffer defeat because of a disastrous morality of human invention.” (See here.)"

What is stated above is IMO completely correct. It is also the reason why I largely do not waste my time even talking to "Jews", unless they have proven themselves to be of the variety that can stand in a public forum and be fulsome in their debates with a non-Jew without resorting to post-debate persecutory lawsuits where they hold all the cards from cash for la-i-wye-rs and corrupt judges to unethical mass media.
However after reading Hr. Professors MacDonald's comments, I have moved in O'Connell's direction.
Nevertheless, I still believe it is not worth engaging a Jew directly as long as the playing field and the umpires/referees are grossly under their control.
One is far better to engage your own kind and let the Jews self-destruct themselves and be prepared for that day to exact true Western Style Justice.
However, now that O'Connell has gone and confronted a small fry Jew in a technically over-reaching manner IMO, we may as well stand with him to help bring attention to the problem and not abandon him.
The Professor does make a good case for Mr. O'Connell's over-reaching nature based on past grievances and harm inflicted by the cunning Kike Bastards.
So if O'Connell did overstep the letter of the law, he may well have had legitimate psychological stress related reasons for his behavior and, since no real harm was done, should be freed without blemish on his record.

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