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jewsign Herr Doktor Professor K. MacDonald, Brendan O'Connell and Hr. Dr. Prof. Frederic Toben of Australia's Adelaide Institute

RE: Herr Doktor Professor Kevin MacDonald,
Brendan O'Connell and
Hr. Dr. Prof. Frederic Toben of Australia's Adelaide Institute;

Similarities, differences, the Jew World Order of Subjugated Cattle-Humans and why the Holocaust Lie of the Jew World Order is so important!

Below is a link to an excellent essay at Marc Lemire's Freedomsite website that highlights the differences and similarities in the debate between the topics of Revisionism and the Genocide of Serbs in Kossovo and Revisionism and the Genocide of the Jews in Germany (not).
I would go so far as to say, if there ever comes a time when the Holocaust Lie of the God Forsaken Kike Bastard is ever allowed to come to light, as to also include the topic of "Jews as a Liar-Murderer-Reverso-Blame-Perpetrator-Race of Miscreants" in any open debate on this general Holocaust topic.
For not to do so would just be more of the same defensive posturing that leaves the onus on Germans/Whites to prove that Germans did not commit a crime instead of showing that Jews are a Race of Transcendental "Reverso-Criminals .

Think of the ramifications for the Jew World Order if the Holocaust myth is destroyed:

1) The magnitude of the hypnotic propaganda machine at the disposal of the Jews and what they have been able to accomplish with it. If the Holocaust was a lie, then how many other (the list, as we all know, is very very long) stories were a lie? And in how many non-Jewish deaths did these lies result in? How should the Jews and the Israeli state be made to compensate?

2) The money and power amassed from so many countries using this powerful psychological sympathy card both directly
(German reparations, company extortion, present day deflection of crimes by Jews, etc..) and indirectly
(Foreign aid to Israel, "underdog" assistance, passivity in the face of mass media and other infrastructural node take overs and conversions to tools of subversion, etc...) and the resulting ransom at which the Nuclear armed State of Israel and the Jew World Order now hold the rest world as a result.
This was brought up because it highlights another possible reason why Prof. MacDonald may not be willing to "affirm the Liar Murderer Reverso Nature" of Jews w.r.t. the Holocaust lie. The heat in this area becomes unbearable.

The Holocaust is, as Revisionists have been saying all along (most notably Ernst Zundel) is the pivotal lynch pin that will totally derail the Jew World Order and send this train in a wreck careening off the tracks into the lake of fire where it belongs.

Moreover, it might be presumptuous of me to think that a copy of my insignificant little critique of Dr. Prof. MacDonald's work, posted on an enemy termed, "Neo-Nazi" web site, might land on the desk of the esteemed Professor were it not for the fact that I have seen, from the website discussion board, similar comments of mine w.r.t. Prof. MacDonald's other works receive 100 times the hits that normal threads on James Edward's board had received.

In that light, I wonder what the good Professor MacDonald has to say about the case of Dr.Tobin?

I am not sure if Dr. Tobin is a naturalized Australian or a German with landed immigrant status in Australia, nevertheless, it might be a wee bit disingenuous for Prof. MacDonald to side step the issue based on this niggling point, because the impediments he faces in his immediate environment in attempts at forming a White identity and a Political Party (A3P) that represents the expressed interests of Whites,
is fundamentally opposed by the same "tail" that wags every anti-nationalist dog on the planet (except Israel's of course).

Moreover, Professor MacDonald's expertise and viewpoint from a psychologists perspective is most enlightening, always informative and very rewarding no matter what the topic.

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