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I was arrested on the 30th of October, 2014. A Thursday, at approximately 16:30 hrs.
Now, this is going to get extremely interesting.

6 detectives from State Security came through the door - no warrant.

I am charged with "threat to kill" and publishing a private telephone conversation. That charge is from when I rang Julie Bishops office and spoke with "Tess" the secretary.


It all stems from this blog posting made 20 days ago -


My laptop, phones, hard drives, video camera etc... all gone. I have just got this borrowed laptop going.

The "no warrant" fact is interesting. They claim it is allowed under a clause in the criminal investigation act. That "clause" is to do with an event like a suspect running from their car into their house with police in hot pursuit. So how are they going to explain that one?The "threat" was made 20 days ago? I emailed the blog post to every MP in the State. Its called a "cry for help".

Its funny how things turn out - back on the 10th of October, 2 hours after the blog post was put up with my "threat to kill" - I was rung by the minister him self. He promised to look into my case personally and meet with me personally two weeks from then. I thought all was well.

Instead, he palmed me back off to the corrupt Justice Intelligence Service who wanted to speak with me. I ended up refusing to see them. Last time I went in I was treated with utter contempt and a physical altercation erupted. I was too scared to go in their alone without a witness and I couldn't get anyone to come with me.

I said to the minister back on the 10th that I would take the blog down as now I had someone listening to me. The minister said something along the lines of "whatever". Hence, I just left it up and forgot about it and you can read the following blog posting -


So, nearly three weeks later - after I sent out the blog posting to nearly every MP in the state including the Premieres office - I am raided by 6 detectives - with no warrant - and charged with "threats to kill" and "publishing a private phone call"? Dear God, here we go again. What do I do?

I told the main detective - who was nice about things - that I found the raid interesting as I had spoken twice with the minister previous to it all and all was well. What gives? The detective new nothing about the conversations I had had with the Minister.

Interesting thing happened two days after I spoke with the minister - Inspector Steve Jancec appeared on the telly assuring West Australians that freemasons are lovely people. Apparently he looked nervous. You can see Steve in these two posts -



Then the minister - Joe Francis - was approached by a notorious sex offender near parliament house. A possible breach of security. When Minister Joe Francis first took on the corruption in WA prisons his house was burgled. The Minister is not liked - he is the "Brubaker" of Western Australia.

Interestingly, Detective Gordon Bertwhistle said to a friend of mine in 2005 that, "the pedophile rings in Perth go all the way to the top." Bertwhislte is the head of the child sex assault unit. He should know. To understand more about this subject please get to know Cathy O'Brian and her story of just how deep and high the child sex abuse goes -

Can you imagine what it will be like in jail for me? Maybe that's the plan?

Minister Joe Francis and his Commissioner John McMahon are honorable men. I hope this can be sorted quickly.

If anyone thinks I have recorded the phone call I had with the minister - you can rest easy. I don't record people who I think will treat me with honesty and integrity.

It was certainly a very interesting conversation though.

So, will Mr Cashman be allowed to get away with having me bashed or is the department of corrective services going to do its job? A prisoner - who I knew well - was beaten to death at Wooroloo Prison Farm a month after I left. That could very easily have been me. Am I just supposed to forget about Mr Cashman? Do I just forget about the fact I was warned I was being set up to be bashed and I told the Senior Officer I wasn't happy about it. I was told to go back to my cell and 5 minutes later I was brutally beaten unconscious? My arm was badly broken - and despite complaining for a month I was ignored. Just how bad does it have to get? Seriously, how bad does it have to get?

I emailed Brian Steels at Curtain University about what I saw in the prisons and he assured me he knew all about it and prison officers setting prisoners up to be bashed and paying prisoners a pouch of tobacco. You can read some of Brians work here - - Brian says people are slowly working towards reform. Thats lovely.

I ask Hami from Press TV to please notify his social network.

If the Western Australian establishment want me to leave the state they will need to give me some money and I will go.

I cant fight them any more. Western Australia is untouchable. They are above the law. They arrest whistle blowers and torment those who seek justice.

I will most likely simply plead guilty to he charges and leave the State. But they may give me serious prison time - this is Western Australia after all.

Its funny, but I was just organizing a large meeting to explain my case to people. I had also contacted the Islamic Council of Western Australia and they said they were willing to speak with me.

I wonder if that upset anyone?

Thats all I have to say on the subject. I simply don't have the will to fight anymore and I cannot bear the thought of more prison time. They win. They always win.

My conditions on bail are not to "threaten" anyone via electronic means.

Does me reporting what has happened constitute a "threat"?

For the first time in my life I just have to accept defeat.

People can email me here for now - [email protected] - my other emails have not been set up by me on this computer yet.

If anyone knows a lawyer for some advice that doesn't charge let me know.

I would ask the Perth Islamic Community if they can help me with some basic legal advice. I have a few hundred dollars I was saving for advertising for a meeting.

The entire back ground to my case is here -

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