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Originally Posted by Erik T. White View Post
With regard to the word for "soul:"

Originally posted by Emily Henderson:

Dear VNN Friend And Sister In Our White Race, you made a factual error.

The Septuagint uses the word ψυχή (psyche) for soul.

You just made a little goof.

Be well, White Sister.


Hi Eric.

Ah, yes, I thought that was a word as well as a textual reference. I see my goof.

It refers to Ptolemy II sponsoring the translation of the Torah by the 70 Jewish Scholars into Koine Greek in the 3rd Century BCE.

Jews and the Hebrew having such an attachment to the meaning of numbers, likely picking specifically '70' scholars had a significance of some kind, I will look into it. I saw 'Septuaginta' when reading on old traslations of 'soul' in the 'Septuagint' and assumed it meant 'soul' and had some weird Jew attachment to 'seven'.

You know what they say about assuming.

Further, Naphesh also really translates more to 'living being' than 'soul', but it is the Hebrew word used for soul in older bibles of English origin.

'Psyche' and 'living being' were both words used for 'soul' in these texts. 'Pneuma' is used for 'spirit'.

TY for the 'be well', you too.
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